Black Friday Treadmills

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Black Friday Treadmills

black friday treadmills

    black friday

  • The Eyemouth disaster was a severe European windstorm that struck the southern coast of Scotland, United Kingdom, specifically Berwickshire, on 14 October 1881. 189 fishermen died, most of whom were from the village of Eyemouth. Many citizens of Eyemouth call the day Black Friday.
  • Black Friday was a women's suffrage event in the United Kingdom on 18 November 1910.
  • Black Friday, September 24, 1869 also known as the Fisk/Gould scandal, was a financial panic in the United States caused by two speculators’ efforts to corner the gold market on the New York Gold Exchange. It was one of several scandals that rocked the presidency of Ulysses S. Grant.


  • A job or situation that is tiring, boring, or unpleasant and from which it is hard to escape
  • (treadmill) a mill that is powered by men or animals walking on a circular belt or climbing steps
  • A device formerly used for driving machinery, consisting of a large wheel with steps fitted into its inner surface. It was turned by the weight of people or animals treading the steps
  • (treadmill) a job involving drudgery and confinement
  • An exercise machine, typically with a continuous belt, that allows one to walk or run in place
  • (treadmill) an exercise device consisting of an endless belt on which a person can walk or jog without changing place

black friday treadmills – Upgraded 2.9

Upgraded 2.9 HP Treadmill Motor with Right "U" Mount
Upgraded 2.9 HP Treadmill Motor with Right "U" Mount
This is a replacement motor that fits most Proform, Reebok, Lifestyler, Healthrider, Nordic Track, Image and Weslo treadmills. This 2.9 horsepower, direct current, permanent magnet motor is an upgrade from the original motor. It runs cooler, and is much more durable over the life of your treadmill. Six different mounts are available, so please either order the specific motor and mount you need or include your model number and we will verify which mount is correct for your treadmill. This motor comes with a one year warranty. Contact us with any questions via on our toll-free number 888-362-1105 or email at Please include your model number when processing your order.

[179/365] Black Friday!

[179/365] Black Friday!
well hello there. i suck at taking self portraits.

anywho. BLACK FRIDAY!!! aka my brother’s favorite day of the year. lol jkjkjk. woke up at four. first went to best buy but there was this HUGE line outside so we went to toys r us first. my cousin got a cute little penguin for his nephew (: my other cousin looked for pokemon cards but they were all out already! so i guess he’s not the only one still crazy in love with pokemon (: went to target next πŸ˜€ the line wrapped around the whole store but moved pretty quickly since they had so many cash registers. we bought a TON of dvds! and i got the fuzziest sweater imagineable for ten bucks πŸ™‚ i should have gotten the pj pants but it was right before we checked out. my brother and i got my dad’s christmas present as well. next we went back to best buy where we got the blu ray player for my cousins fairly quickly. i also got to try out the kinect, which was interesting playing in front of other people. it registers a bit too slow, but it’s still amazing technology. best buy was SO crammed. there were different lines for different things and there’s already not too much walking space in there without black friday shopping crowds. next we went to the mall πŸ™‚ i lose the order from there on out. we went to JCPenney (my cousin met one of his friends and it took him three goodbyes before we actually carried on) my brother got a sweatshirt and i saw a hat that i quite liked and wanted but no good shoes. although, my friend called me and told me she got me boots (: we visited macy’s and sears where my aunt bought a treadmill. radioshack where my brother and i put hold on a captivate. then my parents came later and we went to pick up the phoneeee πŸ˜€ and my mom got one later too. but i was so on the fence on whether i should get the captivate (which is pretty big & i dont like big phones..) vs the aria (perfect size) but i just went for the captivate. which is easily android updateable and has a faster processor. got aunt annie’s pretzels (: looked in aero but it was soo crowded. met a friend there though πŸ˜€ went to jcpenney again where i unexpectedly got two dresses. i found this blue & black one and LOVED it. my mom saw another one that she liked and i figured might as well get another one since i have soo many places where i can wear it to. i really want to wear this to my mom’s 40th bday party though πŸ™‚ she looked for a dress but ended up buying two necklaces (one for my aunt) and a pair of shoes. i got two pairs of tights from forever 21 and saw my dance teacher there. and then i got three shirts from papaya. not a lot of clothes but i was so happy with the dresses and the phone. then we went to reserve the hall for my mom’s party. i need to start choreographing my dance :/ the rest of the day i chilled and played around with my phone πŸ˜€ and then we watched a funny hindi movie.

Friday, November 26th, 2010.
End of Day 179.

March 3

March 3
It was a surprising mild and pleasant day, and I got to experience exactly 6 minutes of it. On my walk to the gym and back. Understatement of the day:

I am overwhelmed.

Jonas and Paul informed me that they’re going to do an investor pitch on Friday, and would like the have the presentation ready by Wednesday to tweak. I am really not sure that’s possible. I didn’t go to shoot the Debbie Show (Mary and Justin have it covered at this point), so Caryn grabbed the equipment and taxied down and back up with it, while I continued working on the slides for the presentation. Mary came up after the show and we worked until about an hour ago. Not only that, but I’ve been nervous all day because of tomorrow’s primaries… at the gym, I was on the treadmill and couldn’t even watch CNN or the local news because every time they started talking about Clinton or Obama I started getting adrenaline rushes, and a feeling of general anxiety, which by the way is not conducive to running on a treadmill, let me tell you.

I’m filling out this entry now because I have SO much to do tonight. And with the presentation, the digitizing of the footage from the show, the ongoing election madness, and the fact that I had planned to start work on my script officially by writing for an hour today, as the first in my six-day week, 10 week writing regimen, I’m afraid I’m going to forget. So please accept this paltry picture of a dog-inspired balloon, photographed yesterday in the freezing hallway just off Columbus and 73rd Street. Because I got nothing else for ya.

Black and white footprints,
Float gently in the hallway.
A very small dog.

black friday treadmills

black friday treadmills

Redmon Fun and Fitness Exercise Equipment for Kids - Tread Mill
Fun & Fitness Health Systems for Kids from Redmon! It’s not about vanity or unrealistic beauty standards. It’s about your child’s present and future health and well being. The fact is, childhood obesity levels have tripled in the past two decades, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Children who are significantly overweight have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol and Type 2 diabetes and are more likely to become obese adults. Establishing a fitness routine early in life will help prevent current and future weight problems. To help kids get into fitness right from the start, Redmon has designed a colorful, safe kids’ Treadmill. Redmon believes children’s exercise should be fun, exciting, and safe, and inspire them to permanently maintain an active lifestyle. The Redmon kid’s Treadmill encourages children to move with healthy activity-based recreation that’s great for their cardiovascular health. Safety-tested and approved for kids 3-8 years old, the Redmon Kid’s Treadmill is a kid’s version of the ones found in your health club. You may even have one at home, which means your little one can work out right alongside you!